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Spun off from 2003's Daredevil, Rob Bowman's Elektra follows its titular character, now a knife-wielding professional assassin. The lifestyle's got her brooding -- and Elektra (Jennifer Garner) opts for one last killing spree against some vaguely supernatural beings who comprise the terror organization The Hand in order to clear her conscience. The story is predictable, with rote whoosh-pow confrontations, though a final battle fought amid floating white sheets has an unlikely surreal elegance. Then again, the bad guy who squeezes his tattoos to make them extrude in 3-D form is the ickiest CGI thing you'll see this year. Terrence Stamp pays the rent as a blind sensei clunkily named "Stick." Garner is all kittenish pouts, red satin outfits, cantilevered bosom and lots of slow-motion hair-whipping: It's like a very violent shampoo commercial.

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