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By Lisa Panepinto

jimmy reed    in my home 
singing slower than the cars    
you know how soft we ride  

honey fruits  touching notes so light
playing out our pulse    
the beat of the wolf's gate     

your blow is so rocking     
your harp is so deep    
our heads fields of wheat    
the whistling train       

you learned guitar under the willow 
made the scent of leaf come from the breeze     
sail us down the river when you breathe

they sold your song    
left you dry with staggering mind     
soul come out your cry   

you draw your words so calm     
venus singing love beside you 
reminds you of all the forgotten

playing for us now        
you tip us to the sky
show us how to feel    

we give to you jimmy reed   
sunshine in rain    
eve birds laughing     

— Lisa Panepinto

Lisa Panepinto is the author of the poetry collections On This Borrowed Bike and Island Dreams and poetry editor for Cabildo Quarterly. She lives in Pittsburgh’s North Side.