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Electro-retro act Freezepop leaves you cold (in a hot way)

The source of Freezepop's icy chill is debatable: Is it the band's airless bloop-bleep, or vocalist Liz Enthusiasm's monotone delivery? Either way, when those elements combine with the band's arch humor and electro dance beats, the results are smart yet steamy.

Formed in Boston in 1999, Freezepop's aesthetic initially relied on the chintzy sounds of the Yamaha QY-70, a portable sequencer about the size of a large brick. Since then, the trio (made up of Enthusiasm, synth maestro Sean Drinkwater and producer/programmer the Duke of Pannekoeken) has branched out into more fancy-pants gear, including vocoder and theremin. Using Duke's contacts in the game industry, Freezepop tunes eventually turned up in Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and others.

The band's latest album, Future Future Future Perfect, likewise opens with a song featured in Guitar Hero II. "Less Talk More Rokk" starts with a parody of metal riffage and Yes-style keyboard flourishes, before the dance beat kicks in and Enthusiasm begins her ode to house shows. "Let's keep the party going, yo / We've got nowhere else to be," she intones. "Someone yells, ‘Less talk more rock!' / Mostly unironically."

The rest of the record celebrates parties and "awesomeness" ("Frontload"), music dorkery ("Brainpower") and goofball sexuality ("Do You Like My WangTM?"). Despite its title, "Ninja of Love" has a moody Depeche Mode pulse, while "Pop Music Is Not a Crime" could be the group's apologia: "It's just that I really like to dance / I guess that sounds pretty trite / Would you dance to a song about dancing? / Guilty pleasures feel so right."

You'll have a chance to sample those pleasures Sat., Feb. 16, when Freezepop plays Pegasus with fellow Bostonites Boy in Static (on Mush Records) and local partymeister Pfunkt.


Freezepop with Boy in Static and Pfunkt. 8 p.m. Sat., Feb. 16. Pegasus, 818 Liberty Ave., Downtown. $10 ($12 at the door). All ages. 412-281-2131

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Near Perfect: Freezepop

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