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Your T-Shirt’s Fantastic Voyage: Rethinking the fashion industry

Your T-Shirt’s Fantastic Voyage: Rethinking the fashion industry

According to the World Bank, 20 percent of the global industrial water pollution comes from the fashion industry.

Midterms are over. Stop liking the winners so much, and start holding them accountable

A vote is all-or-nothing; support is a spectrum

Gab Bonesso reflects on her anti-bullying advocacy in light of last week's attacks

Hatred is not normal and I refuse to live in a world where it is.

Tragic lessons

We should all be working toward a better world

Why I'm Voting

City Paper's female writers share which issues matter to them

What the midterm elections mean to the sex work industry

Sex workers typically see their work as a profession, and often, as a political identity.


Fresh faces of Pennsylvania politics

Portraits of local political candidates who are bucking the state’s older-male dominated status quo

Exploring the joys of our biggest civic duty

Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family

When the majority of your family are actual ghosts, it makes it hard to be afraid of ghosts

Gabby Bonesso talks with comedian Cassi Bruno about balancing caregiving and comedy

“There comes a point where they cannot be left alone, and even when you sneak out to do the grocery shopping at 3 a.m., you keep imagining your grandmother starring in a Life Alert commercial.”

How many frogs do I have to kiss?

Putting down the book on fairy tales

For whom do women dress?

Tereneh Idia gathers fashionable contributors to answer an important question

Tereneh Idia: Biking Ain’t Easy

“I was afraid to ride a bike. So, when someone would say ‘easy as riding a bike,’ I would think: Who are you kidding?”

Gabby Normal: Practice What You Preach

Reacting to a Facebook poster, columnist Gab Bonesso chose to chime in as a humanitarian.

The Problem With “Diversity”

Columnist Tereneh Idia on a noun used in an attempt to create equity, but is instead dehumanizing.

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