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Gabby Normal: Walk on the wrong side

Gabby Normal: Walk on the wrong side

“What it is about me that says to strangers, ‘I should tell that girl what a dummy she is’?”

Tereneh Idia: Who gets to be the (s)hero?

As a black child, I experienced stories without often seeing myself in them.

Gabby Normal: How do you pick between best friends?

A bride-to-be and an inflatable shark battle for the soul of columnist Gab Bonesso

Tereneh Idia: Man makes the clothes

“What did you wear today, yesterday? Why?”

Gab Bonesso on normalcy

“I want to talk on the phone and not to myself. I just want to know what it’s like to be normal for one day.”

City Paper’s editor went from fearing to fawning over birds thanks to the National Aviary

The annual Night in the Tropics event will be a beach party

A Case For Not Staying In Your Lane

In pursuit of justice, people should follow the lead of late actress/inventor Hedy Lamarr

People want police reform, but changes have a difficult path through the state legislature

Police-reform bills would have to clear chambers controlled by Republicans, who aren’t gung-ho about reforming police departments

Add Antwon Rose Jr. to list of black Americans fatally shot by police

“I don’t remember my parents giving me The Talk — how somebody who is black should interact with police officers. Hearing black parents discuss the issue now, it sounds too much like words spoken in 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.”

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