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Edie Sedgwick

Her Love is Real, But She Is Not



As one-third of the D.C.-based art-punk trio El Guapo, drummer Justin Moyer claimed to feel somewhat less than appreciated by his fans and band-mates after assuming his cross-dressing alter-ego, "Edie Sedgwick," in concert and onstage. Moyer's diplomatic solution? He transformed Sedgwick into a one-(wo)man electro-punk show, inked a deal with DeSoto Records, and wrote one of the catchiest dance-pop albums in recent memory. Sounding not entirely unlike El Guapo themselves (or for that matter, occasional collaborators Q and Not U), Edie shimmies, shakes and outright testifies throughout Her Love Is Real. Fittingly, each one of these 14 tracks is titled after a star of the silver screen, but why is "Martin Sheen," for instance, 10 times more hardcore than "Arnold Schwarzenegger II"? Only Sedgwick knows. One thing's for sure: Tim Robbins (track 9) and Haley Joel Osment (track 14) never sounded so good.


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