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Eat’n Park and Turner's create the ultimate Pittsburgh drink: Smiley Cookie Milk

click to enlarge Turner Dairy's new Smiley Cookie Milk - PHOTO: COURTESY TURNER DAIRY
Photo: courtesy Turner Dairy
Turner Dairy's new Smiley Cookie Milk
Two well-known Pittsburgh companies, Eat’n Park and Turner Dairy, have teamed up for a sweet surprise with the launch of a new limited-time beverage: Smiley Cookie Milk.

“We’re proud to expand our 30-year partnership with Turner Dairy Farms,” says Eat’n Park spokesperson Amanda Giacobbi in a press release. “Now, our iconic, Pittsburgh-based brands again have come together to create smiles for Pittsburghers of all ages.”

Giacobbi describes the taste of the new flavored milk as “dipping a Smiley Cookie in milk without the crumble-risk.” Every sip includes hints of vanilla and sugary sweetness, resembling the flavor of one of Eat’n Park’s best-known products: Smiley Cookies.

The Smiley Cookie Milk is now available to purchase at any Eat’n Park location and select Giant Eagle and GetGo locations around the Pittsburgh region. Beginning July 16, the flavored milk will also be available at any location Turner’s Dairy products are sold. The milk is sold by the pint or half gallon, depending on location.

This isn’t the first time Turner Dairy has released nontraditional, yet surprisingly, tasty milk flavors. For example, last May they released a limited edition, birthday cake flavored Blue Bantha Milk named after a fictional woolly animal from Star Wars.

Just like the Blue Bantha Milk, the Smiley Cookie milk is limited edition and only available throughout the summer.

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