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Corporate espionage leads to laughs and romance in this caper

Two former spies -- a CIA agent (Julia Roberts) and an ex-MI6 man (Clive Owen) -- match wits, while working as intelligence officers for two corporations, each headed by ego-driven, highly competitive CEOs (Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti). An entertaining peek behind the curtain at big, nasty mega-bucks companies is just what the doctors ordered these days, and despite all the underhandedness our two handsome leads display, you'll root for the individual to triumph over the boardroom. Tony Gilroy's romantic corporate-espionage caper, set primarily in New York City, unfolds in a nonlinear fashion, with sojourns in several high-class European hotels. Roberts and Owen hardly break a sweat at the back-and-forth barbed banter necessary to keep this highly-unlikely-in-real-life plot afloat, but really, this film is not a meal -- just a better seasoned pretzel. You'll twist, turn, twist some more, and then, just when you reckon you know who's zooming who -- twist again!

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