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1. Duaneland (Three Rivers Film Festival). Local filmmakers Stephen Seliy and Joe Seamans tell the story of photographer Duane Michals, weaving documentary style and B&W stills as beautifully as Duane himself.



2. End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones (Regent Square Theater). Nose hairs, bad behavior and rocket guitars -- nothing escapes this nonetheless loving look at the kings of punk rock.


3. Monster. Pretty actors always want to be taken seriously, but Charlize Theron is genuinely frightening in the story of murderer/vigilante Aileen Wournos.


4. The Village. Hating this movie is like hating somebody who doesn't put out: Can't you just enjoy the evening?


5. Masked and Anonymous (Harris Theater). A crazy, mixed-up cavalcade of stars spew self-righteous dialogue around Bob Dylan, who looks like my next-door neighbor Miss Betty.


6. Wattstax (Oaks Theater). Funky, funky, true ghetto fabulousness merges with end-of-'60s racial consciousness.


7. 28 Days Later. A band of crazy cool survivors battle screaming, running zombies that vomit blood. And then there's the fascist military unit. Creepy good.


8. Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm sorry. Johnny Depp in eyeliner and tight pants. Yeah, I know he's a great artist and the movie's based on a ride, but yumm.


9. Highway to Hell (Melwood Screening Room). A disturbing documentary featuring the gnarliest high school crash films you've ever seen, and the zeitgeist that made them possible.


10. 1941 (cable). The definition of wretched excess, featuring some of the world's greatest character actors: Slim Pickens, Elisha Cook Jr., Dub Taylor, Frank McRae. Come on!

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