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Ryan Gosling stars in this unsatisfying tale that's both moody and violent

Gosling has perfected the art of staring moodily into space, a skill on prime display in Nicolas Winding Refn's film. Gosling plays an unnamed Hollywood stunt driver who works nights as a wheelman for heists. After an early car chase, the movie settles into a quiet period in which Gosling meets his neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan), a young mother whose husband, Standard, is in prison; they flirt via a staring contest, speaking very little. We also learn that Gosling's character is a good man, because Irene's son likes him. Eventually Standard gets out of prison and takes on "one more job," hiring Gosling to drive for him. The heist goes wrong and Gosling finds himself possessing a million dollars and a target on his back. What follows in the latter half of the movie is some of the most incredible and disturbing violence I have seen on screen; weapons include shotguns, a curtain rod and a fork. Drive leaves more dead bodies than Hamlet, and makes much less sense. Starts Fri., Sept. 16.

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