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Drive Angry Shot in 3-D

It's mayhem ... right in your face!

When Nic Cage stars in an actioner with a title like this, one expects him to bring the crazy. Actually, as hell-escapee John Milton (oh, haha), Cage is set mostly on deadpan unhinged, though writer-director Patrick Lussier supplies plenty of manic, if not a lot of coherent plotting. As if it matters: Milton is trying to prevent a satanic cult from killing his granddaughter, while also being pursued by one of hell's "accountants" (William Fichtner). Of course, Milton hooks up with a hot road buddy (Amber Heard), who's an ass-kicker extraordinaire in Daisy Dukes. Many people are spectacularly killed; a couple vintage muscle cars are wiped out; and there's a very rigorous sexual encounter-slash-shoot-out that Tarantino probably wishes he'd thought of first. (Pittsburgher Tom "The Chief" Atkins also has a small role.) Drive Angry is unabashedly junky, and thus wholly entertaining for those who like their films loud, dumb and packed with titties and high-speed wrecks. It's also looks pretty good in 3-D, so if you want the flaming car door to fly right in your face, get the glasses.

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