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Re: “August Occasion

TKO, Wow. You are absolutely right. What me and my brother REALLY want (as usual) is $$$$. And we need $$$$ to renovate the childhood home that will take lots of $$$$ to do so. When is the last time you renovated an historic home on wishes and a prayer? Or is that just the purview of those of us who live in the Hill? We are supposed to rebuild our community, preserve historic spaces, build green spaces and do all of the above without any $$$$, hunh? Get real . . . Now, for the record, I have been working (my butt off) ever since I was 12 years old. That is how I make money, that is what my mother, my grandmother and even my uncle taught me, not sitting on my rear end, trying to insinuate nastiness about the motives of other people. To suggest that there is only one way to honor August Wilson is ridiculous and to further suggest that there is no need to create a way that WE want to honor his work (and my hardworking grandmother who is heavily responsible for the cultivation of his gifts, talents and ethics---and to whom he dedicated so much of his love and respect) is also ridiculous. If you ever find yourself working even half as hard as me and my brother, do let me know. We probably do more before noon than you do all day. And you can take THAT to the bank.

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 02/25/2008 at 2:36 AM

Re: “August Occasion

Dear Dr. Judy, thank you so much for your nice note and for your work in helping to honor John Edgar Wideman, yet another fine Black writer from Pittsburgh.

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 02/25/2008 at 2:21 AM

Re: “Over the Hill

Oh and by the way, Bram, although I appreciate your comment, don't be callin' me your honey. There's enough strange bedfellows around these days. No need for us to add anymore.

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 09/28/2007 at 8:34 PM

Re: “Over the Hill

Bram, Thanks for your comment. Goodness, you're everywhere. Are you stalking me? LOL. Let me just say that this issue is not just about money. That is always the easy answer and the organizations involved here, be it the Hill CDC or otherwise, are actually largely compatible. So, this has everything to do with, well, everything. Reputation, jobs, money, bragging rights, respect, acumen, power, control, FUTURE ELECTIONS, etc. This whole issue requires a critical analysis. Dr. Goddess

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 09/28/2007 at 7:56 PM

Re: “Wish List

Mike, I have to say I'm extraordinarily surprised that you are 50 years old---for so many reasons. I think you're too old to be so misinformed; but I also accept that you are newer to the area. All I can say is that you have inherited a privilege, not just for being "white" but also due to where you live. The bad redevelopment job did harm the entire city, in the sense that benign neglect, particularly for a neighborhood in a prime location and so close to downtown harms everyone. Injustice harms everyone. To that end, I agree. But does the whole city look like the Hill? Hardly . . . As for my articles, I'm sure you know this but in case you don't, I will write what I want to write, how I want to write it and when I want to write it until and unless me and the editors here can't agree and we can part ways. I could write 750 words times 12 months and not be able to fully lay out every.single.reason. and every.single.aspect of history you need to understand about the Hill District. So, take a trip on the short bus: 1. Walk up the street, you live so close. Talk to a few old folks. You'll be alright. 2. See an August Wilson play. In fact, see ten of them! Start with "Jitney". 3. Go to the library. 4. Talk to the Progressive White folks who also live Downtown, in the Hill, in Squirrel Hill, in Polish Hill, in Mount Washington, on the Northside, all over this city who GET IT. I'm sorry that you don't but really, you've got to do some of this work yourself. 5. It's going to be hard for you to understand these things if you are intent to wear the banner of "Super(White)Man" on your chest. I'm amazed that within a system of white supremacy and just four decades after the height of, oh, the bombing of four little girls, the constant domestic terrorism of the Klan, the systematic racism of boards and schools and private industry and the like . . . the most of what you have seen all of your life has been hatred against the white man. Reading a bit too much of "Hating Whitey", have you? Try just reading a biography or just a general history book. I think you're probably smart enough to decipher what has really happened in this country, as opposed to what other people *tell you* has happened. (hint: they're lying to protect their interests). dr. goddess

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 04/26/2007 at 10:53 PM

Re: “Wish List

Mike, The cruel editors at the City Paper only allot me roughly 750 words per article. There is no way I can answer all of your questions on one particular topic within that timeframe. Similarly, I simply don’t have the time to answer all of your questions in this forum. But I must state to you two glaring issues with all of your commentary: 1. You are extremely ignorant of the history of the place in which you are presently living. You claim to live across from the new arena and, yet, you claim to live “Downtown”. News flash---if you live across from the place where the new arena is supposed to be, you live in the Hill District, Jack. And, yet, you write that you live “Downtown”. Further, if you do live in present-day “Downtown”, know that the Hill District was razed---just for people like you---to come, live in the Hill District and then say you live “Downtown”. My suggestion to you (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart), is to visit your local library, go to the year 1956 and then look up the Hill District community. Go back further if you want more history on its development, move past 1957 if you want to see what happened to the Hill District after it was raised. Why should the Hill District be singled out now? Because the Hill District was singled out THEN. I am not now, nor will I ever be colorblind. And, newsflash for you: neither are you. Thankfully, not being colorblind has nothing to do with appreciating history, culture, ethnicity and individual personality. Don Imus can say whatever he wants to say---in private. The decision WAS made in the market place. Enough people said “I no longer want to pay for your trashy rants”. Think longer and harder, Mike. You are also sadly mistaken to believe that we are all in the same boat and all suffering from the same “injustices”, the lot of which could be easily overcome by positive thinking. Indeed, I agree that positive thinking is where it begins: Enter the Civil Rights Movement. Enter the Black Power Movement. That is a fine example of the results of positive thinking. I don’t know whether Twanda Carlisle is guilty or innocent. But she has already been treated unfairly, even if she is guilty. That is the point. The difference, however, is that if she is guilty, she gets no sympathy from me for taking our money and giving it to people who can’t even type. As for your other commentary, my best suggestion to you is to pick up a book and search the internet to gain historical context and more relevant thinking on present-day affairs within and about the Hill District. Dr. Goddess p.s. I was speaking of popular culture, in general, and our individual, personal choices relative to our culture’s use of the word “bitch”, etc. No CP respondent has used that term in reference to me and it wouldn’t matter if they did.

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 04/21/2007 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Giving the Devil Its Due

Mike, your suspicions aside, I think it's important for you to simply (re)read my articles and stop attributing to ideas or statements to me that I've not made. Ground rules, okay? So if I respond to you by saying, "Mike, I didn't say the white man is the devil. I said that Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X said the white man is the devil," you will understand what I'm saying, right? I also find it interesting that you have not protested the idea that Black people (specifically Black boys who are murdering one another) are the devil, as espoused at the press conference. Gee? I wonder why not, Mike? I am very angry about what I see happening in Pittsburgh (and beyond the city but I live here, so...), why aren't you? If you're a pacifist, what are you doing to change things in your pacifist manner? Just curious... I agree this is an important time. A pivotal, life-changing, historical moment for the city. Don't you think we should do the right thing and rectify our past in order to create a better future? You might say "yes!" but I'm sure the devil will be in the details, to use a phrase you might not appreciate. I'm sorry you might be struggling with self-esteem issues but it shouldn't be based on anything I've said, that's for sure. It's real simple, Mike. You want "white people" to stop being blamed for all the evil in the world? --- eliminate the system of white supremacy. That's what you can do to help this situation. And since you live here and seem to share in my frustration, eliminate the system of white supremacy as made manifest here in the City of Pittsburgh. I remain hopeful.

Posted by Kimberly Ellis on 03/24/2007 at 1:02 AM

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