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Don't get it twisted, Sierra Sellers is 'Grown'

Song Review: Sierra Sellers 'Grown'

click to enlarge 'Grown' cover art
'Grown' cover art
Don't let the soft blonde curls fool you, Sierra Sellers is a grown-ass woman. And she's reminding listeners of such in her latest single, "Grown."

Clocking in at just under three minutes, Sellers' sings about adult love, which comes which has a different set of boundaries than a juvenile relationship, things like knowing and admitting when you're wrong, but also not being afraid to tell the other person how you really feel.

"Grown" was produced by Drop0uts, a music production team consisting of Ryan Tedder and Aaron Karsh; under Sellers' intoxicating vocals is the melodic plucking of Jonny Goood on bass.

It's a song for grown folks. It's sultry, it's sexy, it's honest, and it's in your face. "Grown" is currently only streaming on Soundcloud, but Sellers plans to release it on other online music platforms in the near future.

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