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Dolphin Tale 2

A marine-rescue facility looks for a friend for the tail-less dolphin Winter

Charles Martin Smith's family film is "inspired by real events" at a Florida marine-rescue facility, and it doubles down on the "melodramatic crises resolved in heartwarming manner" of 2011's Dolphin Tale. The plucky teens from the first film are now more or less running the aquarium, while having on-land adolescent trials; the tail-less dolphin Winter is depressed, having lost a tank buddy to old age; and the facility is in financial trouble. Plus, there are three new injured sea creatures: a giant turtle, a sunburned dolphin and an orphaned baby dolphin. Get ready to care — a lot! It's all very cheesy and manipulative, but how can you hate on a real-life tail-less dolphin that gamely plays itself? Be sure to sit through the credits for the actual footage of the film's dramatized rescues.

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