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Doce Taqueria opens up on the South Side

Freshly prepared, $3 tacos should be a good fit for East Carson Street

Tacos are busting out all over town — finally! — and last month, Doce Taqueria threw its sombrero into the ring. The East Carson Street taco spot occupies a tiny storefront near 12th Street. The space has been attractively decorated with Mexican tchotchkes, and about a dozen seats are split between a cement-topped bar and a window counter.

A colorfully illustrated chalkboard menu lists the fare, which is properly brief. (An efficient taqueria keeps it basic.) There are six taco options (including one vegan and one special), plus nachos (with or without meat) and a side of black beans.

The $3 tacos are made to order and served traditionally in doubled-up tortillas (choose flour or corn). There are: carnitas (slow-cooked pork), combined with crunchy slaw; chopped chicken, with avocado and pico de gallo; and carne molida, with spicy ground beef and sautéed peppers. The tacos are garnished with salty farmer’s cheese, cilantro and lime. For gringos, Doce offers the Americano ("just like your madre made ’em"), with ground beef, lettuce and shredded cheddar. Recent taco specials have included Jamaican jerk chicken, smoked lamb and barbecued chicken.

Doce means 12 in Spanish, and coincidentally that’s the number of tacos diners need to consume to cash in a Frecuente Comprador Recompsensa card. Late-night hours on the weekends make this a good stop for adding fresh, hearty food to a booze-up. You could, for instance, buy a round of tacos for your amigos, and fill up your taco card that fast.

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