DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


. It's almost unimaginable that adults created this film, a strenuously unfunny comedy about a serial killer who is knocking off Europe's top gigolos. Or that Mike Bigelow's film is a sequel to the equally unnecessary Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Into this stew of he-bitches and prosti-dudes -- if you're not laughing now, you won't during the movie -- comes Bigalow (Rob Schneider), a man-whore with an affinity for freaky she-johns (an obsessive-compulsive, a gal with erectile tissue for nose, a giantess). Bigalow hopes to clear the name of his man-pimp (Eddie Griffin), who stands accused of the murders. I snickered once during a fart joke that felt like the height of this film's wit -- and am awarding the half-star for a random bit of anti-American Iraq War bashing, the truth of which isn't even funny. (AH) b

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