DEAD AND BREAKFAST | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
In this horror-spoof from Matthew Leutwyler, an RV of twentysomethings is forced to bunk down in a remote Texas town at a creepy old bed-and-breakfast (if a shambling David Carradine is your proprietor, you should keep moving). No soon does somebody say, "What's that strange little box?"  than the bloodletting begins. The burg is overrun with villainous dead folks and the living must hole up and take head shots. It's tongue-in-severed-cheek all right, and fans of the genre will cheer for the familiar buckets of blood and the various comic set pieces involving body parts (man with chainsaw stuck in face, severed head that won't shut up). Dead's one novelty is a series of alt-county tunes from Zach Selwyn that echo the on-screen mayhem -- and in one scene, gets the undead up and line-dancing. Yee-haw and yuck. Penn Hills (AH)

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