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Davu & Eyeamme

The Sun Do Move
Dove Ink Records



With The Sun Do Move, Davu Flint courageously distinguishes himself from all other rappers by bringing purposeful momentum-breaking, percussive-poetic styles to the mic. His lyrical delivery is a rebirth of the rebirth of the cool, even breaking the mold Digable Planets laid -- drums are de-emphasized on many tracks so the vocals can build the songs' backbones, even if those backbones are a bit slouched.



Song for song, there's a diverse array of instrumentation with no dependence on any one instrument. "Chicken & Tea" builds off a blues vocal, then blends into Latin flamenco strumming in a combination as interesting as the title. In "Master Minds" we hear a jalopy arrangement of piano keys while the guru spits: "Thinking fast, dancing slow / I'm living po' ... waitin' for some kind of dough / trying' to find my glow / to be a master, you have ta know / one monkey can't ban no show."


This same sure (but not cocky) style and substance is exuded in "Do My Thang." Over bassoon, woodwinds and bass, Flint rhymes "a cat that I met / asked me if I was fresh / I said 'yes' / I wasn't bragging, wasn't trying to impress." He delivers this kind of humble braggin' with a comfort spoken-word artists often find difficult to achieve. And Flint, whose face and lyrics still adorn a brick wall on Penn Ave (though he's since relocated to San Francisco), has worked the fields of both spoken word and rap long enough to earn mastermind status.

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