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It should be a reward for having sat through a couple years' worth of romantic comedies -- a fast-paced send-up riffing on Meet the Parents, Hitch, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and so on. But Aaron Seltzer's gag-fest simply takes the lowest possible roads, with the usual round-up of crass jokes about fatties, body fluids and horny seniors. When a cat with explosive bowels draws the biggest laughs, you know you're in the sub-sub-basement of humor. Which is a shame, because formulaic date flicks could use a dose of clever, irreverent jibes to cut through the saccharine clichés (and don't you know Date Movie even falls into the same trap, suddenly caring in the last reel). Alyson Hannigan and Adam Campbell star as the engaged couple; wasted in unfunny roles are Eddie Griffin, Jennifer Saunders and Tony Cox. Only Fred Willard seems amusing just by his very presence. (AH)

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