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Daddy’s Home

Just in time for the holidays, a comedy about child custody!

Just as a dull-but-caring stepdad (Will Ferrell) is gaining traction with the kids, their long-absent, cocky bio dad (Mark Wahlberg) appears, vying for their attention. Because this is a comedy, Sean Anders’ film features such distinctions between the two as: physique, ability to make drywall repairs, and who has a better job. (One is a mercenary of sorts, the other works at a smooth-jazz radio station.) Ferrell and Wahlberg could probably do this film in real time, the roles are so in their respective wheelhouses. It all plays out as expected, with a few welcome riffs on the generic expectations (there’s a good pay-off about dance movies). But this remains a movie that uses a custody battle for a comic premise, and I could imagine some viewers finding this more real-life-painful than fancifully funny. And especially at the holidays!

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