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Cupcakke brings sex-positive hip hop to Spirit Hall Sun., March 4

This music is not for the modest or faint of heart

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Photo courtesy of artist

Cupcakke is an outrageously forthright hip-hop artist with a penchant for the naughty. Think Gangsta Boo’s raunchy bars on Run the Jewel’s “Love Again,” but on steroids. The production on her songs are carefully designed to make a room full of people jump around and shake their booties, while shouting along passionately to each catchy hook, no matter how crude. The utter rejection of prudishness is liberation from a world that is so embarrassed by sex that abstinence-only sex education dominates health classes across the states. 

“Listen, I’m the most explicit,” she declares on “cpr,” a track off 2017’s Queen Elizabitch. And she means it. Cupcakke’s music is not for the modest or the faint of heart. (She does call her fans “slurpers,” after all.) So if gossiping about hook-ups in meticulous detail is not for you, likely Cupcakke isn’t either.  

Cupcakke, née Elizabeth Eden Harris, may only be in her early twenties, but the Chicago rapper is already blazing a path for herself. It’s because she’s not just a rapper who throws outrageous parties with each performance — she’s also a ray of sunshine and an inspiration for those who eagerly follow her. Between her body positivity, support of the LGBTQ community and embrace of sexuality, she has acquired a devoted nationwide base of fans who finds joy and escape in her music. Her art is a raucous safe space for the freaks and the misfits, the subversive and the fearless. Those not looking to have a good time need not apply. 

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