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Culture and Nightlife

Best New Bar/Club
Round Corner Cantina, Lawrenceville 
2nd: Villa, South Side
3rd: Eclipse Lounge, Lawrenceville

Best Dance Club
Diesel, South Side 
2nd: Shadow Lounge, East Liberty 
3rd: Whim, Station Square

Best Hop Bar/Club
Brillobox, Bloomfield
2nd: Shadow Lounge, East Liberty 
3rd: Round Corner Cantina, Lawrenceville

Best Strip Club
Cheerleaders, Strip District
2nd: Blush, Downtown
3rd: Cricket Lounge, Oakland

Best Happy Hour
Mad Mex, multiple locations
2nd: Harris Grill, Shadyside 
3rd: Kaya, Strip District 

Best Lounge Bar
Firehouse Lounge, Strip District
2nd: Shadow Lounge, East Liberty 
3rd: Kelly's Bar & Lounge, East Liberty 

Best Sports Bar
Jerome Bettis' Grille 36, North Side 
2nd: Silky's, multiple locations
3rd: Carson City Saloon, South Side 

Best Bar For Pub Games
Silky's, multiple locations
2nd: Brillobox, Bloomfield
3rd: Piper's Pub, South Side 

Best Bar For A First Date
Kelly's Bar & Lounge, East Liberty
2nd: Round Corner Cantina, Lawrenceville 
3rd: Harris Grill, Shadyside

Best Bar For Drinking Alone
Jack's, South Side 
2nd: Dee's Café, South Side
3rd: Kelly's Bar & Lounge, East Liberty

Best Bar/Club To See Beautiful People
Diesel, South Side
2nd: Brillobox, Bloomfield
3rd: Zen Social Club, Station Square 

Best LGBT-Friendly Bar
5801 Video Lounge, Shadyside 
2nd: Cattivo, Lawrenceville
3rd: Spin Bartini, Shadyside 

Best Local Music Venue
Mr. Smalls Theatre, Millvale 
2nd: Club Café, South Side 
3rd: Rex Theater, South Side

Best Singer/Songwriter
Joy Ike 
2nd: Cathasaigh 
3rd: Bill Deasy 

Best Metal Band
Hero Destroyed 
2nd: Dethlehem 
3rd (tie): Mara and Seas We Fear to Sail

Best Pop/Rock Band That Isn't The Clarks
Mace Ballard 
2nd: Donora 
3rd: Punchline 

Best Jazz/Blues Band or Performer
Olga Watkins Band 
2nd: Phat Man Dee 
3rd: Sean Jones 

Best Themed Dance Night
Belvedere's '80s Night, Lawrenceville 
2nd: Title Town at Shadow Lounge, East Liberty 
3rd: Lava Lounge '80s Night, South Side 

Best Hip-Hop Performer
Wiz Khalifa 
2nd: Kellee Maize 
3rd: Formula 412 

Best Gallery For Local Artists
ModernFormations, Garfield 
2nd: Space, Downtown
3rd: Garfield Artworks, Garfield

Best Local Theater Company
City Theatre
2nd (tie): Quantum Theatre and Pittsburgh Public Theater 
3rd: Attack Theatre 

Best Dance Company
Attack Theatre
2nd: Dance Alloy Theater
3rd: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 

Best Movie Theater
AMC Loews, Waterfront 
2nd: SouthSide Works Cinema, South Side
3rd: Regent Square Theater, Regent Square

Best Open Mic Event
Club Café's Acoustic Café, South Side
2nd: Shadow Lounge, East Liberty
3rd: Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, Bloomfield

Best Beer List
Sharp Edge, multiple locations
2nd: Fat Head's, South Side
3rd: D's Six Pax & Dogz, Regent Square and Monroeville

Best Cocktail List
Kelly's Bar & Lounge, East Liberty
2nd: Embury, Strip District
3rd: Harris Grill, Shadyside

Best Bartender
Mark Miller, Monterey Pub 
2nd (tie): Ray Matthews, Eclipse; Maggie Meskey, Eleven & Salt of the Earth 
3rd (tie): Ova Shofa, Z-Lounge; Skooby, Casey's Draft House; Summer Voelker, Salt of the Earth


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