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Best new bar/club

Privé Ultralounge
1650 Smallman St., Strip District. 412-253-7330

2nd: Brillobox
3rd: Diesel

Best dance club

Station Square. 412-261-2220

2nd: Diesel
3rd: Firehouse Lounge

Best all-ages club

Club Zoo
1630 Smallman St., Strip District. 412-201-1100

2nd: Mr. Small's Funhouse & Theatre
3rd: Mr. Roboto Project

Best happy hour

Mad Mex
Various locations. 412-681-5656

2nd: Six Penn Kitchen
3rd: Firehouse Lounge

Best lounge bar

Lava Lounge
2204 E. Carson St., South Side. 412-431-5282

2nd: Soba
3rd: Firehouse Lounge

Best shot-and-beer bar

Jack Rose Bar
1121 E. Carson St., South Side. 412-431-3644

2nd: Dee's Café
3rd: Gooski's

Best bar to watch the big game

Sports Rock Café
1400 Smallman St., Strip District. 412-552-1000

2nd: Hi-Tops
3rd: Locker Room Bar & Grill

Best place to throw darts

Dee's Café
1314 E. Carson St., South Side. 412-431-1314

2nd: Jack Rose Bar
3rd: Shootz Café & Billiards

Best place to shoot pool

Shootz Café & Billiards
2305 E. Carson St., South Side. 412-488-3820

2nd: Dee's Café
3rd: Gooski's

Best GLBT-friendly bar

5801 Video Lounge & Café
5801 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside. 412-661-5600

2nd: Pittsburgh Eagle
3rd: True Cafe & Bartini

Best indoor place to see a live band

Club Café
56-58 S. 12th St., South Side. 412-431-4950

2nd: Mr. Small's Funhouse & Theatre
3rd: Rex Theatre

Best outdoor place to see a live band

Hartwood Acres
Hampton. 412-767-9200

2nd: Post-Gazette Pavilion
3rd: Chevrolet Amphitheatre

Best acoustic artist(s)

Brad Yoder

2nd: Cathasaigh
3rd: Emily Pinkerton

Best blues band

The Blues Orphans

2nd: Jill West & the Blues Attack
3rd: Chizmo Charles

Best country band

Povertyneck Hillbillies

2nd: Ruff Creek
3rd: Boca Chica

Best indie-rock band

School of Athens

2nd: The Yards
3rd: Modey Lemon

Best jazz band


2nd: Don Aliquo
3rd: Walt Harper

Best club DJ

DJ 7up

2nd: DJ Goofy White Kid
3rd: Justin Hopper

Best hip-hop performer

Grand Buffet

2nd: Beam
3rd: Wiz Khalifa

Best visual artist

VJ Edahc

2nd: Mike Budai
3rd: Justin Giunta

Best small art gallery

moxie DaDA
1416 Arch St., North Side. 412-682-0348

2nd: ModernFormations
3rd: Garfield Artworks

Best local stage production

Late Night Catechism / City Theatre
57 S. 13th St., South Side. 412-431-2489

2nd: TIE: The Crucible / Quantum Theater Forbidden Broadway / Pittsburgh CLO

Best museum exhibit

Dinosaur Exhibit / Carnegie Museum
4400 Forbes Ave., Oakland. 412-621-3131

2nd: Ongoing installations / The Mattress Factory

Best place to see a movie

SouthSide Works Cinema
South Side. 412-381-7335

2nd: The Oaks Theater
3rd: Regent Square Theater

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