CRY WOLF | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Who's zooming who at this tony prep school? The cool kids, a multi-culti lot led by a red-headed bitchy minx named Dodger, relieve the ennui of being rich and gifted by playing elaborate lying games. New kid Owen (or "O-dog," as his hopelessly white roomie calls him) ups the ante by spreading a lie about an on-campus serial killer. It all gets freaky when the fake story appears to be coming true. Jeff Wadlow's teen horror flick plays like The OC with a bushel of red herrings mixed in. Yet the clues to the "truth" are so obvious that anybody over 15 should be able to easily sort through this silly outing. In the absence of real plot, I studied the lovely setting (the film was shot in Richmond, Va., during a spectacular week of fall colors) and pondered how Jon Bon Jovi ended up playing the school's journalism teacher. Dude, you give Wolf a bad name. (AH)

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