CROSSING THE BRIDGE: THE SOUND OF ISTANBUL | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


Part valentine to the fabled city that bridges east and west, part journey of musical and cultural discovery, and part showcase for a grand collection of artists, Fatih Akin's documentary about Istanbul's music scene is an engaging study, both quirky and informative. Our guide is Alexander Hacke, a shaggy German late of the post-punk band Einstrürzende Neubauten, and an enthusiastic collector of music and sounds. (Hacke collaborated with Akin on the director's 2004 drama Head-On.) With his open ears and portable recording devices, we're privy to music as traditional as Kurdish love songs (once forbidden) and as contemporary as hip hop. As expected in a city of such diverse influences, many of the acts Hacke encounters represent fascinating hybrids of old and new styles, and political dissent is never far from the surface. In lieu of visiting yourself, you could do worse than to spend 90 minutes with Hacke and Akin, and their lively snapshot of musical city. In German and Turkish, with subtitles. (AH)

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