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Now that Western journalism has become all but synonymous with moral frailty and deceit, the time couldn't be riper for Sebastián Cordero's psychological whodunit in which John Leguizamo portrays Manolo Bonilla, a Miami-based tabloid TV reporter of dubious morality. When Bonilla first learns of a small Ecuadorian village being terrorized by a serial killer, he heads south in a search for clues. But as Bonilla's longing to become a network star grows more intense than his desire to tell a truthful story, the lives of the village's families begin to unravel. Is "The Monster of Babahoyo," as Bonilla has dubbed the killer, actually a wrongly jailed man? Will Bonilla's Geraldo Rivera-style ambitions ultimately destroy his career, as well as the innocence of the villagers tangled up in the mystery? Writer and director Cordero chooses not to answer these questions, but instead leaves viewers to make up their own minds about the potential dangers of fame. In Spanish, with subtitles. (DE)

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