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Critics' Picks: The Van Allen Belt at Hambones


It’s gonna be a packed night at Hambone’s tonight, featuring both local and out-of-town talent. The sound of Pittsburgh’s The Van Allen Belt falls under the trippy umbrella, without veering into the negative trappings of the word. The sweet and upbeat pop of Georgia-based Starling offers a refreshingly unique energy*, while Florida man Timothy Eerie’s dark pop sound goes well with his last name. Coming up from Baltimore is Height Keech, whose intriguing “talk-singing” is hard to pin down but a blast to listen to. Rounding out the night is local favorite Dinosoul, who makes moody indie pop and are very good at it.

*Starling will now be playing a full rocking set up as Hank & Cupcakes

8 p.m. 4207 Butler St., Lawrenceville. 412-681-4318 or

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