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Critics’ Picks, Nov. 24-30

Performances by Xaddax, Crypt Rot and Cris Jacobs, plus Title Town’s anniversary party

click to enlarge Xaddax - PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BAND
Photo courtesy of the band
[NOISY] + FRI., NOV. 25
The Brooklyn noise weirdos of Xaddax are set to take the stage at Brillobox. It’s a spastic and unpredictable blend of punk, synth and harsher noise: With their joint efforts, Chrissy Rossettie and Nick Sakes jerk listeners around while blowing out the sound system. This show is for fans of Palberta, Giant Claw and proto-punk. Opening the show are some of Pittsburgh’s finest (and wackiest) sound creators. Microwaves mixes industrial-sounding guitar work with driving math-punk rhythms, and the schizoid noise-rockers of Choir and Tanning Machine offer grandiose, blistering synthpunk, perfect for flailing around if you’ve just had a rough time talking about politics with your family over a roasted bird. Meg Fair 9 p.m. 4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield. $8. 412-621-4900 or

Tonight at Spirit, well-loved DJ night Title Town Soul & Funk Party hosts its final event of the year, which just happens to also be its seventh-anniversary celebration. To mark the occasion, Title Town welcomes formerly Pittsburgh-based hip-hop producer Buscrates (a.k.a. Orlando Marshall, now of Atlanta), who will be spinning an all-45 set of soul, funk, disco and boogie — stuff you might not have ever heard, but won’t have any trouble gettin’ down to. Get yourself to the dance floor and burn off all that pumpkin pie. Margaret Welsh 9 p.m. 242 51st St., Lawrenceville. $5 before 10 p.m., $7 after. 412-586-4441 or

[METAL] + SAT., NOV. 26

Ain’t no party like a metal party at Gooski’s, am I right? Indulge yourself in difficult-to-read fonts and neck-breaking headbanging to visiting metal acts. Crypt Rot, from Ashtabula, Ohio, rips a gnarly combination of black and grind metal. Hear music from its forthcoming album, Embryonic Devils, which promises to exhibit brutal tempo changes and unholy riffage. Brooklyn’s Anicon will satisfy your desire for blast beats while catering to your love of melodic riffs, all while touting a carefully atmospheric undertone to its black-metal roots. Pittsburgh’s Taphos Nomos opens. MF 10 p.m. 3117 Brereton St., Polish Hill. $10. 412-681-1658

click to enlarge Cris Jacobs - PHOTO COURTESY OF MARC MILLMAN
Photo courtesy of Marc Millman
Cris Jacobs
Cris Jacobs’ sound doesn’t fit nicely in one genre box. Country at its core, Jacobs’ music relies upon R&B grooves and rock sensibilities to give the Americana sound modern life. The Baltimore-based artist croons over clever guitar licks, and his ear for hooks keeps it captivating. His ability to shape-shift and genre-bend is a major strength, and his latest effort, Gold to Dust, showcases classic Americana while utilizing gospel-esque organ and harmonies to lean into the soul side of things. Joining Jacobs tonight at Club Café is James Wylie. This is the type of music best enjoyed in a crowded room of warm bodies. Get ready to drink some whiskey, folks. MF 7 p.m. 56 S. 12th St., South Side. $10. 412-431-4950 or

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