Critics' Picks: BIDET at Rock Room | Music | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


Being a femme person in the world (hellscape) we live in can be pretty damn infuriating. Our society’s ever-present rape culture encourages people (especially men) to treat us like objects. Or scream horrifying catcalls at us and then have the audacity to be pissed when we fight back, speak up or, let’s face it, simply exist and take up space. Lucky for us, bands like BIDET, of Baltimore, are making the political, grimy D-beat hardcore punk to soundtrack the feminist resistance, tackling the demonization of sexually liberated women, the verbal and physical abuse of femmes, and the willful ignorance of our violent nation. Throw down to it at the Rock Room tonight. Limber up to openers EEL and Unreliable Narrator. 8 p.m. 1054 Herron Ave., Polish Hill. $5. 412-683-4418


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