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Critics' Pick: An exorcism at Glitter Box Theater


It’s 2018. We’ve all got some bad juju we could get rid of. Marketed as an endeavor of the scientific and artistic varieties, the purpose of this exorcising event is a loose one — meaning it’s what you make it. The objective at the forefront of this casual little exorcism get-together is to focus the willpower of the mind to eradicate negative presences. Participants will write something down that they want erased from their life, and then they get to BURN IT IN THE STREETS. Unfinished Symphonies, one of the acts set to present that night at the Glitter Box Theater, assures that this will be the finest exorcism in town. The event also features tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Steve Pellegrino, Maurice Rickard, The Tortured Genius, Emily Deferro and Matt Aelmore.

8 p.m.
480 Melwood Ave., Oakland.
All ages.
Free or $20 (your choice).

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