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Create a luxury day in Pittsburgh by shopping at these local businesses

click to enlarge Eucalyptus soap from Arbor House Soaps - PHOTO: ARBOR HOUSE
Photo: Arbor House
Eucalyptus soap from Arbor House Soaps
During these times, it can be hard to feel good in your own skin. Pressure from ever-changing work conditions and questioning your safety on a daily basis can put a lot of stress on the average person. Self-care is important and there are a variety of things you can do every day to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Sometimes, going beyond self-care into a place of indulgence can go miles toward improving your mood. Organize a day of leisure by visiting or ordering from these local businesses.

Breakfast/brunch from:
Everyday’s a Sunday Café
This café is located in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood and has a host of warm, delicious offerings that will keep you satisfied through your day of luxury. They have a vegan option, as well as an extensive list of made-to-order soups that will satisfy any appetite. 4919 Penn Ave., Garfield.

Coffee/tea from:
La Prima/Bantha Tea Bar
La Prima makes some of the best coffee in Pittsburgh. La Prima has cafés where you can stop to order espresso beverages, including in the Strip District and on Carnegie Mellon University's campus, or you can order whole beans online and make coffee at home. Try the La Prima Dark or their new Buona Pasqua Easter Blend, boasting flavor notes like mandarin orange, milk chocolate, and rose. Multiple locations.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, stop by Bantha Tea Bar in Garfield for a wide selection of flavorful teas. 5002 Penn Ave., Garfield.

Take a bath with soaps from:
Arbor House Soaps
Arbor House Soaps are beautiful, vegan, and very affordable. They come in scents like eucalyptus, bamboo, and peach prosecco. Arbor House also carries Himalayan Salt Bars and body butters. Take a bath or a shower with one of these soaps and feel yourself slip into a place of relaxation and bliss. Available at love, Pittsburgh. 805 Liberty Ave., Downtown or 301 Shiloh St., Mt. Washington. Shop online at

Perfume from:
837 North
837 North also makes candles, but their perfumes are something special. Their unisex scents come in either 15 mL or 60 mL bottles in scents like Teak + Citrus or Cardamom + Sandalwood, you’ll be sure to walk around your house feeling like royalty.

Candles from:
Blis 23 Candle Co.
On top of having delicious smelling candles, Blis 23 Candle Co. accompanies each candle with often hilarious descriptors. Order whatever scents you like, maybe two that complement each other, and light them while you’re bathing. Take a few pictures for the ‘gram while you’re at it.
Manicure by:
Lala’s Salon & Spa
Getting a manicure can be a relaxing activity, regardless of your gender. Stop by Lala’s and get your hands pampered. They specialize in eclectic nail art but can also provide a more natural look. Lala’s has COVID safety plans in order, so don’t forget your mask and wash your hands upon arrival. They are accepting appointment-only bookings now at both their East End and Monroeville locations. 5341 Penn Ave., East Liberty or 222 Center Rd., Monroeville.

Dinner by:
Casa Brasil
Casa Brasil is a Brazilian restaurant that carries a ton of beautiful, delicious dishes. They also have vegan and gluten-free options on the menu so you can enjoy authentic Brazilian cuisine without worrying about breaking your lifestyle. Try the Prato Feito with beef, chicken, or vegan option and finish off your meal with a dessert-like Churros or Brigadeiro (chocolate truffles). Casa Brasil is only open for take-out or pick-up. 5904 Bryant St., Highland Park.

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