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You've probably never heard of French folksinger Yvette Guilbert, whom Ezra Pound called the "heiress of the ages" in 1912. And you're even less likely to know her booze namesake: Crème Yvette.

"If blackberries and violets had a baby, it would be Crème Yvette," says Allie Contreras, a bartender at Embury, the Strip District's cocktail mecca. 

Contreras isn't just waxing poetic. The liquor is made from macerated blackcurrants, blackberries, wild strawberries, raspberries, a hint of vanilla and, yes, dried violet petals. The petals make Crème Yvette a "floral" liqueur, used to draw out herbal flavors in classic gin cocktails. 

At one time, the cordial was extremely popular. In turn-of-the-century magazine advertisements, Crème Yvette was billed as the "the queen of cordials." Its producers even marketed the liqueur as a syrup for desserts, one of which it dubbed "The Woodland Sundae" (drizzle a little Crème Yvette over vanilla ice cream, mixed nuts and a maraschino cherry).

But Crème Yvette disappeared from stores and bars in 1969, when the maker discontinued the product. For the next four decades, nobody could find a drop until last summer, when Robert Cooper, the creator of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and owner of the Crème Yvette recipe, began producing it again. 

It remains a rarity today, especially in Pittsburgh. Other than Salt of the Earth, in Garfield, Embury is the only place I've found it.

About once a week, Embury features the classic "Aviation" as a $10 cocktail (¾ oz. lemon juice; ¾ oz. Marschino liquor; 2 oz. gin (ask for the delicious "Tub"); and ¼ oz. Crème Yvette. The drink is served in antique glasses, garnished with lemon peel.

Crème Yvette is available in five specialty LCB stores in the Pittsburgh area (visit, though it costs a hefty $45 for a 750-ml bottle. But the bottle lasts awhile, notes Embury owner Spencer Warren, because the liqueur is so potent. 

"It's a great product," Warren says. "[But] if you use too much, it can completely overpower any product and everything."

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