COWBOY DEL AMOR | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Michele Ohayon's low-key and entertaining documentary follows New Mexican Ivan Thompson, the self-proclaimed "Cowboy Cupid," who for a fee finds Mexican brides for American men. It sounds sleazy, but Thompson -- himself a crusty, but romantic old cowboy with his own relationship troubles -- seems genuinely motivated to put lonely people, the majority of them middle-aged or older -- together. And his old-school methods have real charm: He walks his prospective bachelors across the bridge at the Juarez border to test their physical mettle, and is never condescending to his Mexican prospects, most of whom are educated women. And over the course of a few months filming, Ohayon unearths a sweet love story among Thompson's match-ups, one that which is all the more endearing for the real-life awkwardness that birthed it. The 7:30 p.m. Mon., March 13, screening will be followed by an audience discussion led by Brenda Green, of Planned Parenthood. In English, and Spanish, with subtitles. Oaks (AH)

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