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Cop Out

This unfunny buddy-cop parody should be locked up

Your tolerance for the one-note Tracy Morgan -- and yet another pastiche of buddy-cop-movie tropes -- will determine your enjoyment of this not-very-funny comedy. The film stars Morgan and Bruce Willis as New York cops who go off the clock to pursue some Mexican gangsters. (The cops persist in calling the Spanish speakers "French" -- is it funny yet?) The action is minimal -- a few foot chases, and a lot of close-combat wounds. (For a parody, Cop Out offers a lot of savage beatings and killings.) Kevin Smith -- he of Clerks, Dogma and Southwest Airlines fame -- directs, but don't look for any of the entertaining dialogue that helps keep his other poorly produced films afloat. Brothers Robb and Mark Cullen wrote this mess, and the film's "high" point for wordplay couldn't be more derivative: Morgan rattling off lines from other cop films. And the film's lowest dialogue moment is Seann William Scott simply mimicking everything Morgan says, like an irritating child. Repeat after me: Stay home.

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