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Cop Car

Two kids take a cop car for a joy ride, in this indie thriller

A stolen cop car leads to a mess o’ trouble, as one might expect. But in Jon Watts’ indie thriller, the circumstances aren’t wholly typical. The car is taken by two 10-year-old boys (James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford) after they find it seemingly abandoned in a ravine. Off they go on a joy ride across Colorado’s wide dusty plains. But the car belongs to the sheriff (Kevin Bacon), who’s not pleased to find it gone, and sets off on his own extracurricular mission to find it. (He steals a car to find his own stolen car, which turns out to be the least of his crimes.) The film is basically a four-hander (one other person has a significant connection to the cop car), and balances out the slow-build tension with a smattering of black humor. It never quite rises above the generic expectations of the familiar spare but quirky post-Coens crime-gone-awry thriller, but it’s a decent enough diversion.

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