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Joe McCarthy has nothing on our Speaker of the House

You may have thought the 2004 election was about the economy, or fighting terrorism. But judging by the utterances of some high-profile Republicans, it's really about ... fighting Commies!


First, an Aug. 8 Tribune-Review editorial alleged that by holding concerts to support Democrat John Kerry, rocker Bruce Springsteen was helping "the resurgent ... socialist/Marxist effort in the United States." (Wait a minute -- didn't Ronald Reagan want to use one of Springsteen's songs for his 1984 campaign? How far does this conspiracy go?) Now, Pennsylvania's Speaker of the House, John Perzel, is charging that his opponent in the upcoming election has "ties with the Communist Party."


Indeed, the Communist Party of Eastern Pennsylvania's Web site ( includes a link to a fund-raising letter for Democrat Tim Kearney, though the link misspells his name as "Kearmey." The proletariat can read about Kearney's promises to subvert America by lowering cable rates, increasing school funding and fighting for lower property taxes.


"I find it very distressing that a candidate for public office would align himself with an ideology that ... espouses hatred for America and our capitalistic system," says Perzel's press statement, first reported in the Aug. 11 Philadelphia Inquirer. "The mere fact that Tim Kearney's campaign literature can be found on the same page as the 'Hammer and Sickle' is an offense to all freedom-loving Americans."


This raises an interesting question: Which is John Perzel more out of touch with -- global politics, or how the Internet works? Does he even know that the Cold War is over, or that Web sites don't always ask permission before posting things?


In an effort to educate the House leader on at least one of those developments, City Paper has posted a link to Perzel's own Web page on our site ( Stories&action=getComplete&ref=2679). The link is accompanied by a hammer-and-sickle graphic and a stirring call for workers to cast their votes for Perzel -- and cast off the chains of bourgeois enslavement.


A Tribune-Review editorial calling on Perzel to sever his ties to the Kremlin should be appearing any day.

Communists Everywhere Support John Perzel



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