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College Guide

College Guide

We’re here to help, because at the end of the day we’re all under this giant mountain of student-loan debt together, right?

Students are finding ways to reduce textbook costs

“The college-textbook industry is a multibillion-dollar market every year.”

Why your adjunct professors are unionizing and what it means for you

“If faculty aren’t being paid enough and they have to take extra jobs, in a very direct way they don’t have the same amount of time to focus on individual students.”

Students must weigh all residential options in and around campus to determine what will work best for them

“It’s cheaper if you can find a deal, and you definitely have more freedom.”

10 ways to make money in college

Participate in a medical or research study

Become self-sufficient by learning how to do these things ASAP

Separate white, dark and colored clothing.

Stay Engaged

Ways for college students to get involved on and off campus

What your parents tell you about college vs. what is actually true

So your dad’s freshman roommate ended up being the best man at his wedding — that isn’t the norm

Five things to do in Pittsburgh if you’re under 21

Visit Cruze Club on Thursdays

15 useful apps for college students

You can create, share and find flashcards and audio lessons on a variety of subjects

10 tips for managing stress

You don’t have your mom over your shoulder anymore to make sure you’re eating all your vegetables

Five perks you can get with your student ID

Visit the Mattress Factory for just $10, or for free if you go to Point Park University or Carnegie Mellon University

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