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Carnegie Museum of Art and local DJs bring Inside Out event series to Pittsburgh

click to enlarge Inside Out at CMOA on Sat., June 5 - PHOTO BY BRYAN CONLEYCOURTESY OF CMOA
Photo by Bryan ConleyCourtesy of CMOA
Inside Out at CMOA on Sat., June 5
As more adults and teens get vaccinated in the Pittsburgh region, we’ve seen a transition out of COVID-19 restrictions. With restaurants and businesses opening again, it seems only natural that the Pittsburgh nightlife scene is starting to move offline as well. Pittsburgh City Paper has tried to keep you updated on events as they pop up, and now, you’ll have another one to look forward to.

Inside Out is a collaboration between various area DJ collectives and artists and the Carnegie Museum of Art. The series, part of a growing number of outdoor events, promises to bring some of the most talented artists and creatives in the region to CMOA every Thursday and Saturday, from Thu., June 10 through Sept. 4.

Lauren Goshinski, one of the organizers involved with the event, said as someone who worked in nightlife, she saw firsthand how COVID affected those working in entertainment and hospitality.

“A lot of people were really innovative in how they tried to maintain during this time, but really the whole industry itself collapsed which really didn’t allow people to have any kind of regular income or activities,” she says. Goshinski was a part of many initiatives offering relief to entertainment and hospitality workers during the pandemic, including a local chapter of NIVA and Night Life Line. These organizations helped keep many local businesses afloat and supplied much-needed aid to those who required it.

Dana Bishop-Root from CMOA says the idea for Inside Out came about when the museum asked itself how an institution could participate in revitalizing the nightlife scene in the region in a meaningful way.

“We started thinking about this theory in the courtyard and the overall concept was to work with small and mid-sized performing arts organizations and independent performers in the realm of performance in the courtyard," she says. "Instead of a stage, we thought about physical distancing. If the performance is happening around you, you can be in your pod. And then it would be anchored by DJs to really get the energy and connect with the work that the artists are doing."

Bishop-Root says she immediately thought to collaborate with Goshinski because of her work connecting multiple kinds of genres and individuals. She also looped in huny young of the popular DJ night Most Beautifullest, as well as Thomas Agnew.

“DJ nights are the sounds of a community,” says Goshinski. “In a way, [they are] conjuring these experiences, whether it's vinyl or digital file, they're really telling a story every time they're having a night. It really is reflective of different communities and even like the intersection of different communities.”

One of the unique aspects of Inside Out is Liner Notes, interviews between performers and Goshinski about their art and their process. “I really believe that with music and nightlife, culture is culture with a capital 'C' and art with a capital 'A' and that really comes across in these interviews,” Goshinski notes. Liner notes will be published by CMOA at The first of which with Title Town can be found here.

The full schedule for the events can be found on the CMOA website. Keep in mind, these events are not rain or shine. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, they will be rescheduled for later dates.

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