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Clothes Make ... with chef Claudy Pierre of Arnold's Tea

CP photo: CP photo: Tereneh Idia
Claudy Pierre

Name: Claudy Pierre, owner, Arnold’s Tea 

What are you wearing?
[It] always starts with my jeans, the Levi’s 501s. Comfy. The Michael Jordan Air Force 1s, blue, one of my favorites. My custom Arnold’s Tea tee, of course. The Calvin Klein every day on-the-go jacket. And my Apple Watch, gotta have my Apple Watch.

How do you balance presenting yourself in various places throughout the day? From meetings as a business owner to a working chef in the kitchen?
Well, part of it is being able to get into the kitchen and be comfortable, but at the same time presenting a very professional and polished look. There has to be a balance. So comfort, safety — they cannot be anything loose and all over the place. I usually have to tie my hair back. [I] keep a comfortable pair of shoes on; if I am not wearing my clogs, I am wearing my Air Force 1s. They happen to be very comfortable, they're not “kitchen safe” per se, but they are the most comfortable and durable working shoe, and they are stylish as well.  I have a million pairs of them. They are my favorite go-to shoe.

Oh, I love AirForce 1s!
The Jordan 1s, that’s the style I love the most. And lastly, the energy is what my look is. When I come in, I am smiling, big smiles, big eyes.  I want people to be happy to be around me, so by the time they are looking at what I am wearing, they are already happy for me to be around. The number one thing I am wearing, my number one accessory is my smile.

CP photo: Tereneh Idia
Claudy Pierre

I have my Apple Watch; my trusty scarf; and the biggest thing is my smile and good energy. That also translates to food. There are so many moments in life where food is a catalyst — graduation, first date, you know — I have to put positive vibes into the food that we create. It builds the morale for the staff and for the people who come into Arnold’s Tea.

I tell people all of the time, "Wear your smile, wear it proud and love what you do."

How do the clothes translate and work with your positive energy?
I feel like I look like your brother, your cousin, you know what I mean. But I also can throw on a suit to conduct a high-level corporate meeting. Everyone can appreciate a traditional classic look. ... But also that urban style, something trendy, new, and old together. Classic with a fresh urban twist.

Are you wearing something that is a gift from someone or has special meaning to you?
My scarf. My twin brother and I have been wearing scarves forever. You may catch us without a hat, but we always have a scarf on. He lives in NYC, so he is a scarf guy.

Does he do the fancy scarf tying and wrapping? 
Always always — he is always wearing a scarf, it is the funniest thing ever.

Are you wearing a gift to yourself?
My Apple Watch or my Air Force 1s. I don’t get to buy a lot of things for myself, but when I see a new or different color of the Air Force 1s, then I am like, “Okay I am going to get those.”

CP photo: Tereneh Idia
Claudy Pierre

Do you have anything coming up that you’re looking forward to this year?
Yes, we have the E.A.T. Initiative, it is Empowerment, Awareness, and Training. We work with the community on healthy cooking demonstrations and [teaching children] about healthy eating. To show inner city folk about how to focus on wellness. 

I am also excited about something we’re working on regarding kitchen professionals and apparel. So look out for that! 

How can people find you?
ClaudiusMaxamus on Instagram; Chef Claudy Pierre on [Facebook]. Eminent Hospitality is our parent company, and Arnold’s Tea is on Instagram and Facebook. Come by and see me. You’ll see me doing my thing, smiling and showing love.

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