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City Guide 2016

A Guide to Our Pittsburgh

"Andy Warhol Bridge under a supermoon in Pittsburgh"
"Andy Warhol Bridge under a supermoon in Pittsburgh"

You’d think by this point that it would be easy to put out this annual guide to the best Pittsburgh has to offer. But it is, in fact, quite an undertaking every year because this dynamic city is constantly changing. Sure, we have stuff that’s been around forever, like the inclines and Point State Park. But our entertainment, night life and culinary scene always have something new going on.

That’s why I think it’s fitting to credit the people who put this thing together. We have a full-time editorial staff of 10 covering this entire city — the entire county, for that matter. But it’s not the number of people you have that counts, it’s the knowledge that they bring to the table. And while some might question whether knowing facts like the best place to karaoke, or the best place to day-drink, or the best place to get a great glass of wine while playing with foam Hulk hands, is worthwhile knowledge, you’ll be glad we know the answers to these questions and more as you flip through this 365-day guide.  

Our staff knows local food, drink, music, arts and points of interest better than just about anyone else in this city. So when you see these recommendations, know that these are places we ourselves go — places we take our friends and family to. Yes, this is a guide to the city, but it’s our guide to the city, and we wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Fun For All Seasons


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