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City Charter High School Celebrates 20 Years, Still a Top Option in Pittsburgh Education

Over the last 20 years, the Pittsburgh educational landscape has shifted dramatically, with more and more options for parents and students alike. Through it all, however, City Charter High School has been a standard for quality and excellence, and that has only continued as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2022.

The answer to how City High has maintained such a model of consistency is simple: academics and relationships. The school’s goals are simple, and those are to get students the best education possible, and to foster the relationships and experiences necessary to set them up for success after high school.

City High enables student success in many ways. Their project-based learning educational model is designed to help students not only learn information, but think about it critically. Most classes at the school are team-taught, and utilize teaching associates and learning support teachers in the room. It is a full-inclusion, mixed learning school, with students from all learning levels encouraged to collaborate.
And the school is even furthering its commitment to student readiness in this 20th anniversary year, with their LEAP program, a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. In its pilot year, the program allows City High students to learn from CMU experts on their campus, being exposed to college-level disciplines, structure, and expertise. According to City High social studies teacher Mr. Mark Barga, whose collaboration with CMU faculty led to the program, LEAP can really “help my students reach their highest potential."

This dedication to preparing students for life after high school doesn’t just manifest itself in the classroom, however. One of the tenets of City High’s foundation is their internship program. The program requires every student at the school to complete a mentored internship by the end of their time there. City High students have been placed in over 130 with the ability to pick from over 130 businesses and programs across the region. According to Internship Managers Keiha Drummond and Patti Kretschman, “the real value of the program is that every student s is afforded the opportunity to see a working or business environment from the inside out to help them solidify their post- high school plans with real life knowledge.”

City High has been able to stay ahead of the curve during the past several years of uncertainty by continuing to prepare students with the technology they need as a tool for learning. All City High students receive a laptop to use for their four years of high school which is an essential part of their education and curriculum. A four year Technology Curriculum ensures that all of our students are prepared for 21st careers.

Selecting a high school is one of the most important choices families make. City High understands that, and has constantly been fine-tuning its program to figure out the absolute best way to serve the students and parents of Pittsburgh. As a recent award winner of a $1.3 million grant from the PA State Coalition of Public Charter Schools a, City High has demonstrated that even into its 20th year, it continues to be committed to providing an excellent education to their students.