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Category: Best Local Sports Team

Winner: Steel City Derby Demons

Reason: We rock! Roller derby rules!

Category: Best Butcher

Winner: Ray Jr. at Farmer's Choice

Reason: This is a lost art! Ray Jr. is really good looking!

Category: Best Community Events Planner/Nonprofit Guru

Winner: Hillary Brown

Reason: She has planned the most successful, off-the-hook community events in Pittsburgh history!

Category: Best annoying hipster nickname for a Pittsburgh neighborhood

Winner: "Larryville"

Reason: Is it really so hard to say "Lawrenceville," you artsy-fartsy jagoffs?

Category: Best message board


Reason: If you're not reading this, you don't know what's happening in Pittsburgh.

Category: Best Rabbi

Winner: Rabbi Chuck

Reason: Great human being

Category: Best party of 2006

Winner: Flashdance party benefit for Big Idea

Reason: It was like the movie 24 Hour Party People condensed into one night.

Category: Best Place to Beg

Winner: King's Court, Oakland

Reason: All the students and hospital visitors are easy touches.

Category: Best Steep Street

Winner: Rialto Street

Reason: Terrifying going up or down -- can't even see over the brink when you start down! And God help you if another car is coming in the opposite direction.

Category: Best looking Pittsburgh celebrity

Winner: Bill Deasy

Reason: See

Category: Best high school student

Winner: Kayla of Moon area

Reason: She is friendly, brilliant and funny.

Category: Best athlete on a professional Pittsburgh sports team

Winner: Freddy Sanchez

Reason: Great player on a not-so-great team, but still managed to be in the top of the league.

Category: Best church

Winner: Hot Metal Faith Community

Reason: Reaches needs of the people and has brought Pittsburgh tons of attention by being featured on CBS News, The Today Show, and The Wall Street Journal.

Category: Best police department

Winner: North Fayette

Reason: They always respond immediately and their presence is always visible wherever you go into the area.

Category: Best pickles

Winner: Pittsburgh Deli (now closed)

Reason: Crunchy, big and free if you're sneaky

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