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At Home With: Tom Savini

CP's daily check-in with Pittsburghers during the coronavirus pandemic

click to enlarge PHOTO: TOM SAVINI
Photo: Tom Savini
Everybody is dealing with the COVID-19 quarantines and restrictions in different ways. While there's no single right way to cope — social distancing and staying TF home aside — staying connected with friends, family, and neighbors is a good place to start. You can contact your loved ones on your own, but you might also be curious how your favorite strangers in Pittsburgh are coping, so CP is reaching out once a day to beloved city icons to see how they're doing.

Today, it's Pittsburgh film performer/actor/makeup/FX specialist Tom Savini.

What is your day-to-day routine like now? For instance, it's approaching 3 p.m. on Tue., March 31. How did you spend your morning? What happens this afternoon?
My daily routine pretty much stays the same. I work out in my home gym while watching the Match Game from the '70s on the TV. That’s usually two hours starting at 11 a.m. Then I’ll do breakfast and it’s usually from a vat of potato and cabbage soup I make that takes more calories to eat than are in it. Then I continue sculpting on the newest mask I’m creating.

What's an object in your house or office that you've come to depend on/enjoy since the quarantines and restrictions began?
I’m spending more time in my gym.

What is your favorite food to eat at the moment?
I pretty much answered that in [question 1], but I have to add my wife’s angel hair Bolognese.

What piece of art/film/book/TV/music is bringing you comfort/inspiration at this time?
Roger Ebert’s book of reviews of his favorite films and my vast horror library and DVD collection. A different movie a day and that could keep me busy for years.

What are you most excited to do when the restrictions and quarantines are lifted?
Fly to L.A. and keep my May reservations at The Magic Castle, and definitely a beach somewhere.

What film or project that you've worked on would you recommend checking out while we're all staying at home?
My Smoke And Mirrors documentary on Shudder.

What's an organization or charity that you recommend giving to or supporting during this time?
Your local merchants.

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