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Check out these 3 fall day trips for a change of scenery

click to enlarge A piece of the Berlin Wall at Kentuck Knob - CP PHOTO: LISA CUNNINGHAM
CP photo: Lisa Cunningham
A piece of the Berlin Wall at Kentuck Knob
As pandemic restrictions stretch on, it's important to mix up your surroundings to avoid going completely stir-crazy. Taking a day-trip on the weekend is a great way to get out of town while still being safe and healthy. And fall is the perfect time, when the leaves are changing and the weather hasn't yet turned frigid.

Kentuck Knob

723 Kentuck Rd., Chalk Hill.
Sure, Fallingwater is nice, but it gets pretty crowded, and crowds are bad now. For an alternative, check out Kentuck Knob, another house by Frank Lloyd Wright located just a few miles from its more famous cousin. In addition to its architecture, the house is notable for its abundance of sculptures and artifacts, including pieces by Claes Oldenberg and Andy Goldworthy, as well as a slab of the Berlin Wall.

Moraine State Park

225 Pleasant Valley Rd., Portersville.
This state park gets its name from moraines, a type of glacial accumulation that covered the park's land during the last glacial period. Now you can take a Trail of Geology tour to see glacial deposits. There are also trails, a lake, a birdwatching deck, and other activities.

Meadowcroft Rockshelter

401 Meadowcroft Rd., Avella.
Did you know that the oldest known site of human habitation in North America is in Washington County? The Rockshelter campsite, and prehistoric tools found along with it, dates back 19,000 years. Take a tour of the area and learn more about a piece of Pennsylvania history.

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