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Central Outreach Wellness Center continues to be a leading force in COVID-19 pandemic recovery

Central Outreach Wellness Center is no stranger to the COVID-19 pandemic, as one of the first health organizations to offer drive-thru COVID testing in Pittsburgh. Central Outreach has also pivoted services when the pandemic started offering our patients emergency HIV medication, PrEP available for all, and house calls as needed. As the pandemic has progressed, we have worked to stay at the forefront for our patients and community, with the eventual goal in the process of offering the vaccination. This goal came to fruition in February 2021, when we started administering the Pfizer vaccine to patients in the 1A category. Eventually, it became important to serve our communities with this vaccination opportunity, and on March 20, 2021, Central Outreach Wellness Center vaccinated 112 people for COVID-19 in the Hill District at the Bedford Hill Apartments.

The pop-up clinic was a partnership between Central Outreach, Bedford Hill, and 1Hood Media, connecting vaccine resources to people most affected by COVID-19. In an article from Pittsburgh City Paper last July, Black people in Allegheny County twice as likely to get coronavirus compared to white people, writer Ryan Deto highlighted very real demographics for Pittsburgh’s Black community stemming from a report released from the Allegheny County Health Department. This report revealed that Black people in this county are more than twice as likely to contract COVID-19 compared to white people. The report also revealed that 30% of the hospitalizations were among Black people even though they only make up 13% of Allegheny County’s population.

To continue to support these groups disproportionately affected by the virus, this group of organizations will continue the initiative on April 10, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Bedford Hill Apartments, as Central Outreach will return to administer second doses, and more first doses to anyone who was not able to receive a vaccine originally on March 20. More information about the process to receive a vaccination through Central Outreach Wellness Center can be found here.

Delivering the vaccine to the Hill District is part of a larger effort on behalf of Central Outreach to give people access to the healthcare they deserve. On April 6, Central Outreach Erie will have a vaccine event at its office, which qualified people can register for here: https://forms.gle/BFxKktvJJq7AczYG8. Central Outreach will keep working to serve the people of Western Pennsylvania through competent and compassionate care, and making sure the most affected groups get the care they deserve.