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New releases from Supervoid, Incyte and The Fitt


Endless Planets EP

For many bands, a two-song release is considered a single, but for Supervoid, it's a 16-minute-plus EP. The stoner-y rock band's debut is heavy and epic, with strong, clean vocals countered by screaming growls. Track 2, "Wake of the Smoke Jumper," is the heavier of the songs, and the more lyrically intense; it's bound to appeal more to a metal audience. Good first release.


The Wrong Impression

The local rapper's full-length release opens with a sample of Nico's "These Days," indicating we're in for something a little different. The Wrong Impression is full of upbeat party tracks and pop-culture references from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to, seemingly, Okkervil River. It's the happy, major-key tunes wherein Incyte excels, and from the success of party-rappers from Mac Miller to Pitbull, we're in an age where big-time success is a very real possibility for Incyte. Margot B. makes a couple of strong cameos as well, creating hooks that render sampling obsolete. 


The Fitt
The Fitt is Dead

A set of songs recorded after the hardcore punks broke up, brought to fruition by frontman Patrick Waters and go-to local punk producer Matt Schor, who fills in on drums. Heavy, sometimes drone-y mid-paced stuff that's raw and aggressive, drawing influence from early SST stuff, and at times ending up comparable to Pissed Jeans — only, this sounds better than anything they've done. An essential pickup for the car-stereo headbanger or the local punk historian.

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