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New releases from Erik Pitluga, Alayna and Klaymore


Erik Pitluga
Erik Pitluga

Six-tune solo release from the Color Fleet drummer. Minimally orchestrated folky rock, mostly voice and acoustic guitar, with additional guitars and percussion here and there. Pitluga's voice is slightly gruff and ultimately genuine, with a natural ease about it that makes these good (though maybe not incredible) songs easy on the ears. Worth checking out for sure.


Top of a Dream

Debut EP from Pittsburgh-born, Nashville-dwelling country-pop singer Alayna. It's a good sample of her abilities as a singer and writer: a rocker here, a ballad there, and so on. A lot of folks are doing pop-country these days — it's a goldmine if it works out for you, of course — but Alayna's debut shows next-level talent. An above-average songwriter with a great voice who's found a good band in Nashville to back her up? We'll keep close tabs on this one.

It's Alive

Shredding metal from Butler County. Klaymore runs the gamut from slow, stoner-y riffage to speedy thrash, and isn't afraid to strip it down to rock basics now and then. Sometimes the lyrics feel a little forced, in comparison with the laid-back nature of the jams, but on the whole it's a good sophomore effort. 

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