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New releases from Miracle Worker, Michael Yolch and Chalk Dinosaur

Miracle Worker
Copacetic Blues

Full-length from a new outfit featuring some known names (Steve Jarrett of Orgone and Gregg Weber of Drugdealer and Assembly). Let's get it out of the way: This record will garner Radiohead comparisons. But while so many bands that try to be Radiohead fall short and just sound like Coldplay, Miracle Worker has that je ne sais quoi that puts it over the top — because clearly the band's goal isn't just to approximate Radiohead. Some math-rock parts, some beautiful vocals, some minor-key weirdness and some majesty. Beautiful!

Michael Yolch
Smiles and Tribulations
(Yolchtone Records)

Country-tinged singer-songwriter stuff from a Pittsburgh-born guy living in West Virginia. Simple instrumentation, lots of tunes about relationships with women, and with Jesus and the Devil. Yolch aspires to something akin to John Prine, but on the track "The American Way" ends up sounding more like Andy Rooney.

Chalk Dinosaur

Follow Me


Five songs ranging from pop colored with reverby guitars and Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies to trip-hoppy extended jams. Some psyche-y production weirdness gives a contemporary feel without distracting from the classic songwriting. The '60s-pop throwbacky title track is the standout on this EP; the whole thing, though, is worth picking up, especially for fans of bands like Real Estate.

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