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Recent releases from Weird Paul, Roger Humphries, Ivory Weeds

"Weird Paul" Petroskey
Check Me Out Now


As is generally the case, just the track titles on Weird Paul's new CD are well worth the price of admission. ("Jolly Rancher (Stuck In Your Hair)" kicks it off; "Denise Hopper Loves Dennis Hopper" and "Give That Asshole Some Benadryl" are other highlights.) Petroskey's work is rarely polished, but he plays lyrically with the mundane and absurd in a manner that indicates a true gift. Pittsburgh, be glad you have Weird Paul.

-- Andy Mulkerin


Roger Humphries
Keep the Faith


Roger Humphries still plays with the same amount of fire that he brought to some of Horace Silver's seminal Blue Note albums in the '60s. With support from a crew that includes Lou Stellute (tenor sax), Dwayne Dolphin (bass) and Max Leake (piano), this session tips toward material written by band members with some classics thrown in for fun. It proves why Pittsburgh is fortunate that Humphries came back home instead of shooting for the big time.

-- Mike Shanley


Roger Humphries and RH Factor jam session. 8 p.m. Thursdays. CJ's Lounge, 2901 Penn Ave., Strip District. 412-642-2377


Ivory Weeds
I Am … Entropy


Thirteen tracks of lo-fi psychedelia from solo artist John Chriest. Warm post-folk ranging from long guitar-and-strings compositions to short piano tunes; echo-y vocals are buried in the mix to make them even more dreamlike. At more than an hour, with tracks that often clock in at six minutes-plus, this one requires some patience, but offers a beautiful, weird reward. 

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