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CD Reviews: New releases from Greazy Duzit, Chalk Dinosaur and Run, Forever

Greazy Duzit
Mucho Greazy 
Tongue-twisting emcee Greazy Duzit steps out of the shadow of Pittsburgh-based rap group Shindiggaz with his debut release Mucho Greazy, a hard, heady blend of esoteric street poetics and blistering underground beats. Keeping pace with Greazy's hardened flow is Shindiggaz' DJ Thermos, who produced much of the album, crafting dense tapestries of off-kilter samples anchored by varying drum patterns. Standout "The Name of That Tune" has the duo at their razor-sharp best. By Patrick Bowman


Chalk Dinosaur 
Still Here (self-released)
On Still Here, Chalk Dinosaur continues to make oodles of bright, varied indie pop. Much of the album deals with being bummed out about girls -- insecurity is a theme of frontman John O'Hallaron's songwriting -- but it rarely strays from its Pinkerton-style good humor. As he sings on the title track, "I'm still here and you're just fine."  Everything's gonna be OK. By Margaret Welsh


Run, Forever
The Devil, and Death, and Me (Solidarity Records)
Run, Forever's full-length debut, The Devil, and Death, and Me, is a rough-and-tumble rocker, filtering Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run through decades of beer-soaked garage punk and just enough religious imagery to keep the proceedings on the edge of an existential crisis.  And while the track "A Sequence of Sad Events" reduces existence to just that, it possesses the dimensions of a life-affirming anthem, full of throaty calls to action and desperate demands for something more. By Patrick Bowman

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