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Best CBD Oil For Pain: Top 5 CBD Products Of 2022

Over talks, you may see that many people switched to CBD instead of traditional pain medications. A few years ago, it was illegal to trade and consume CBD and any other kind of cannabinoids, but now, when it is all free, you should not miss the chance.

CBD has a lot of benefits for overall health, including pain relief. Whether it is caused by an injury, everyday activities, or a kind of age-related pain, CBD may help you forget about the pain.

As the number of consumers increases, slowly but surely, CBD becomes the best pain reliever on the market. People who have used medication for treating pain understood the advantages of the natural CBD alternative and decided to give it a try.

Once you try CBD oil, you will not get back to the pain pills available in the pharmacies. Pure, natural, and flavorless, CBD oil is the safest and best pain reliever nowadays. Give your body a fresh beginning and a good piece of relaxation.

We have made a selection based on strict criteria, and we highly recommend trying some of the oils down below. Our chosen companies offer some of the purest and most potent CBD oils that leave a good impression on everyone who tries them.

Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief Of 2022

  1. Exhale Wellness - Overall Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil On The Market

  2. Budpop - Most Potent CBD Oil For Pain Management

  3. Cheef Botanicals - Relieving Formulation CBD Tincture For Pain Relief

  4. Hollyweed CBD - Trusted CBD Oil Product For Entourage Effect

  5. Fab CBD - Affordable CBD Brand To Relieve Chronic Pain

#1. Exhale Wellness - Overall Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil On The Market


Exhale Wellness is a good-known name in the cannabinoid industry. Many people who seek quality over popularity know that Exhale Wellness is the brand that will give the needed goods. This brand is a term of quality in the USA.

Each product you see on the website is pure, safe, and tested to prove everything described underneath it. Exhale Wellness has put a lot of effort into making everything look and feel perfect. You can feel the perfection once you try some of its products.

As you can see, the website looks pretty tidy and organized. In the menu on the top, you can research different categories of cannabinoid types, CBD isolate tinctures and products since hemp comes in a thousand different shapes and sizes.

Exhale is always on the customers’ side and makes everything meet their needs. The brand guarantees a 30-day satisfaction and a full refund if you are not delighted with the chosen product. The delivery is on the house, and you are not going to pay anything for it.


The Exhale CBD oil this brand offers comes in a natural flavor and two potencies. The brand believes natural is always better, so it plays safe with the natural flavor variation. You can easily cover the oil’s flavor if you add it to your coffee, juice, or tea.

The natural CBD oil flavor allows you to experience the real side of cannabinoids in their current form. The oil is derived by extracting organic Colorado hemp plants with the cold carbon dioxide process.

You can easily find your potency by managing the intake dose. It is good to start with a half dose and increase it slowly over time. Still, CBD might be too strong if you take a lot initially. But, it is unable to make you high or cause side effects.

Exhale’s CBD oil is a perfect replacement for the unhealthy medications you usually use for treating pain, anxiety, discomfort, etc. CBD oil may be your everyday elixir for a better mood and a happy face.

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  • Trusted, transparent, and outstanding company

  • Products made with 100% organic and natural ingredients

  • The CBD oil is available in 600 mg and 1,200 mg potency

  • A CBD oil is good for bad days

  • Gives your body and mind vast and immediate benefits

  • Free delivery and 30 days guarantee


  • Just a natural flavor option is available

  • You can not order this product if you live outside the USA

Customer reviews

Hundreds of positive words for the brand and its products. This oil has helped many people get over the anxious thoughts and the annoying pain all over the body. Even bodybuilders and coaches take CBD oil after intensive workouts since it has the power to relax and regenerate your muscles.

Many people who have tried CBD oil forget about the unhealthy painkiller medications.

#2. Budpop - Most Potent CBD Oil For Pain Management


Budpop is a company that carries success. Its founding boosted the market and allowed people to experience CBD and THC in a whole new flavor. Budpop is a company inspired by the poor offer on the current market that stepped onto it with incredible products.

The quality is exceptional; the offer has never been better. No matter what product you choose, you will be satisfied to the fullest. You will never forget this name when it comes to legal cannabinoid products.

Because of the high demand, Budpop uses hemp from multiple domestic areas. Generally, the products are made with Colorado and Nevada hemp of high grade. The raw hemp plants that enter the manufacturing process are 100% organic and pure, containing zero chemicals and pesticides.

The delivery is free on every purchase, no matter its value. Budpop offers a satisfaction guarantee in case you are unhappy with the chosen product. Feel free to contact the seller and ask for the available policies.


Budpop believes that CBD should be consumed in its original shape and taste. For those who need something more flavored, Budpop has peppermint CBD oil. Everyone who wants to experience the CBD in its original variation should choose the natural option.

Both CBD oil options come with a potency of 1,500 mg CBD in total. The only difference in their ingredients is the peppermint flavor. The oils are stored in a dark bottle, secured with a glass dropper cap for easy and proper measures.

The oil can be consumed in two ways, directly and mixed in food and drinks. Direct CBD oil consumption allows you to experience the effects much faster than taking it with drinks. The effects may last for a few hours, depending on your individual needs, metabolic rate, and consumed amount.

The bottle contains 30 ml CBD tincture, which is equal to 30 servings since one full dropper has one ml capacity. The intake dose depends on your personal tolerance and needs.

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  • A company that leaves an exceptional impression

  • Well-organized and informative website

  • Potent CBD products in different flavors

  • The CBD oil is made with CO2 extraction

  • .Organic, natural and safe ingredients and products

  • Tested in a licensed external laboratory


  • Only two flavors are available

  • The Budpop products are a little pricier than the other brands

Customer reviews

The customers are in love with this brand. Over 90% of the reviews are positive, sharing satisfactory impressions and experiences with all Budpop products. Budpop’s CBD oil is a good-selling product that many people use in everyday living.

Many customers love the oil because it provides immediate but soft effects. There is no high, even if larger quantities are taken. The customers give 10 out of 10 for this product and brand’s services.

#3. Cheef Botanicals - Relieving Formulation CBD Tincture For Pain Relief


Like many other brands, Cheef offers the neutral CBD oil option. There are no other flavors available by this brand, but it might not be a huge issue since a few oil drops would not change the game if flavored.

Cheef’s CBD oil is free of psychoactive compounds, generally THC, and does not cause side or high effects. The oil may be used for pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorder management. It might be helpful for other purposes, but it varies depending on the individual purpose of every user.

The CBD oil by Cheef Botanicals is pure, tested, and legal for consumption since the federal cannabis prohibition ended in 2018. All products you can find on this website are free of psychotropic ingredients and chemicals and are entirely safe and legal for consumption.

Check the lab reports on the website to ensure nothing unwanted is found during the testing. You can also see the THC present in the tested sample on the lab report.


Cheef’s CBD oil is made with supercritical fluid CO2 fluid extraction. This method allows the process to get the whole CBD extract from the hemp plant, giving an outcome with lower to no impurity amounts. The carbon dioxide process is pretty pricey, but it gives premium CBD extracts.

CBD is not an FDA-evaluated category, so the brand does its best to manufacture pure and clean cannabinoid-rich oils. Cheef cares from the beginning, choosing high-grade hemp plants from domestic licensed farmers. The final CBD product is tested before being sold.

Cheef’s full-spectrum CBD oil is available in multiple strengths to meet everyone’s needs and tolerance. The lowest CBD oil of 300 mg is suitable for beginners and people who need a few drops to relax and ease discomfort. The highest amount of 3,000 mg is for highly tolerant people who need a stronger buzz.

Everything in the middle (600 mg and 1,200 mg) might be good for everyone seeking a mild CBD anxiety and pain reliever.

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  • Trusted and popular USA brand

  • Excellent bundle purchase discount options

  • Low THC and high CBD levels

  • Calming nervousness and easing body pain

  • No high even on higher CBD amounts

  • Rich in natural and herbal terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids


  • The Cheef CBD oil is available only in natural flavor

  • The full spectrum CBD oil contains tiny amounts of THC

Customer reviews

Based on the reviews on the Cheef Botanicals website, the customers are pretty delighted, saying that this oil works every time. From many testimonials, we saw that this oil works for many people, allowing them to reduce body pain, muscle, and joint tension.

Other positive reviews were talking about the positive experience with the refund and return policy. The overall rating is excellent, and many people recommend Cheef Botanicals.

#4. Hollyweed CBD - Trusted CBD Oil Product For Entourage Effect


This brand is a newie among the others in this article, but it keeps moving forward, expanding the product and flavor list. Hollyweed is a pretty described and informative website, welcoming every customer with good or basic knowledge about cannabinoids.

Each product offered by Hollyweed CBD is formulated with ultra-clean CO2 extraction. The carbon dioxide extraction process is the best option for collecting the whole extract from the raw hemp plant. The result of this process is a full-spectrum CBD oil.

The extract that this process gives is hemp oil, rich in omega fatty acids and cannabinoids. Before being sold, the oil is tested in a licensed laboratory, giving reports about the detected ingredients and traces in the tested sample. Feel free to check the lab reports on Hollyweed’s website.

The delivery is available on all orders and takes five to seven working days. Hollyweed accepts refunds and returns requests on all orders, whether the product is opened or unopened.


Hollyweed has only one CBD oil option. The oil offered by this brand comes in different potencies and a neutral flavor. The neutral option is suitable for everyone since it has a “transparent” flavor that perfectly fits into every drink.

The Hollyweed oil is rich in minor cannabinoids, allowing you to enjoy every drop you take. The benefits are pleasant and mellow, it won’t make you high. The CBD oil is not psychoactive, so it would not even cause side effects.

Hollyweed uses only natural, safe, and tested ingredients for its products. The CBD oil is available in four potencies, starting from 300 mg to up to 3,000 mg. You can choose the oil’s potency based on your needs and tolerance.

If you are a beginner, take the lowest potency and start consuming the oil added to foods or drinks. You can also take it directly, dropping it under the tongue if you feel ready for a faster kick-in. Direct consumption gives faster effects.

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  • Neutral CBD oil rich in omega fatty acids

  • Excellent product to add to your favorite juice or tea

  • Sublingual use gives faster effects

  • Tested and safe full-spectrum CBD oil

  • Beneficial for pain management and relaxation

  • Free delivery and a 30-day refund and return policy


  • Only neutral flavor option

  • Unavailable for delivery outside the USA

Customer reviews

Hollyweed lacks the customer review section on the website, but this is not a huge obstacle to finding some testimonials elsewhere. We checked Trustpilot and other similar platforms, which gave us good material. The customers who have shared their experience with Hollyweed are pretty satisfied with the quality and effects.

Many customers noted that this CBD oil is perfect and provides immediate effects. The natural flavor is suitable for everyone so that everyone can easily mix it with a flavored drink or else.

#5. Fab CBD - Affordable CBD Brand To Relieve Chronic Pain


Fab CBD is another company on the list of the best CBD manufacturers. Founded in 2017, Fab CBD has helped millions of people, providing them with pure and beneficial cannabinoid-based products.

The first reason why you should choose this company is because of their charity donations. Everyone deserves to be happy, and Fab lets everyone experience it. On the first side, you will have a precious CBD product that might help you relieve and relax, and on the other side, part of the price paid for the chosen product goes to categories with limited abilities.

The more you give, the more you get. Secondly, Fab is a good and trusted company that understands the need for CBD in life. Everyone should live healthily and happily. Say no more and choose your fav CBD product from the list.

Fab’s goods are available online on its official web store. Each product comes with a 30-day guarantee, while delivery is free on orders of $99.


Fab has the widest choice of flavored CBD oil. If you are not a neutral flavor person, Fab CBD is the right brand for you. The oils come in multiple flavors and potencies, so the chances of finding the best option are unavoidable.

The CBD oil this brand offers is made with award-winning full-spectrum hemp extracts. Every ingredient present in this oil is organic and naturally rich in terpenes. The THC content ranges in the limited amounts of 0% to 0,3%. Take this oil every day and do not worry about the side effects of high. It won’t cause any.

The base of every oil flavor is the same, a full-spectrum hemp oil. Flavored options have extra aromas, while the neutral has none. The Fab CBD oil is available in citrus, berry, vanilla, and mint, besides the neutral flavor option.

The Fab CBD oil is stored in a glass bottle, locked with a transparent dropper cap for easy measure. The potency ranges from 300 mg to 2,400 mg.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD


  • Trusted and responsible company

  • Full-spectrum flavored and unflavored CBD oil

  • Four CBD oil potencies

  • Glass dropper for proper serving measures

  • Pure, safe, and tested CBD oil

  • CO2 extracted Colorado hemp


  • The delivery is free only on orders over $99

  • No worldwide shipping option

Customer reviews

We found a lot of positive testimonials on the official Fab CBD website. Most people who opted for this brand chose CBD oil over the other products on the list. Based on the feedback, you would not regret choosing this CBD oil brand.

The customers have different tastes and needs, so we found a lot of different comments about the flavor options. Some customers think the vanilla flavor is better than the citrusy, while others stick to the mint and natural option.

How Did We Choose These CBD Brands Of Best CBD Oils & Tinctures For Pain Relief?

  • Trustworthy companies

We are always guided by trust and can not choose anything below our standards. We bang our research seeking trusted CBD brands that have proven their quality and earned their trustworthiness. We were surprised at how easy and fast we found our brands since they were outstanding from the crowd.

The selected brands reviewed down below have earned the trust of millions of returning customers. Many loyal customers have recommended the products of these brands to their relatives and friends.

  • Good manufacturing process

We researched the manufacturing processes for making CBD oil, and we saw that carbon dioxide extraction has the most significant percentage of a quality outcome. So, our next criterion was choosing brands that make CBD oil using a CO2 extraction.

All five brands use the cold carbon dioxide extraction method because it is the only method that gives premium quality CBD oil. This automatically means that the products these brands sell are of the highest quality and purity.

  • Pure outcome

The combination of organic domestic hemp plants of high grade and the best carbon dioxide extraction method are the two main things charged for the pure outcome. All five brands from our selection have pure products free of allergens, chemicals, pesticides, and psychotropic substances.

All five companies test their products before selling them to ensure everything is clear as a tear, which was our goal and part of our criteria. The laboratories that test these products are licensed and independent labs, apart from the actual brands. The reports given by these labs are 100% accurate and available for everyone who wants to check.

  • Matching prices

We understood that using a high-quality and expensive extraction process might affect the price, so we considered the product’s price before making our latest choice. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices these brands set on their products.

Besides the pricy machinery and a lot of effort these brands put into making their products, they still come at an affordable price. This was an unavoidable criterion in our research which helped us select these five brands successfully.

  • A lot of benefits

Ultimately, we finalize our research by checking the benefits these oils provide. All five brands have mutual characteristics, leading to mutual benefits of taking their products. CBD oil is the purest product containing everything the hemp plant contains in its natural form.

This means it is logical for these oils to have multiple benefits for our bodies and minds. Initially, CBD oil may help with pain management, whether caused by aging, physical activity, injury, or else. Other benefits that CBD oil might provide are discomfort and anxiety relief, reduced insomnia, better appetite, improved mood, better sleep, etc.

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best CBD Oil for Pain

  • The purpose

CBD can not do magic nor treat or cure diseases. This oil is meant to help you relax and reduce pain and discomfort. So, it is essential to determine the reason that makes you feel pain or anxiety. You can not treat conditions nor prevent them from a future appearance by taking CBD.

Before getting the best CBD oil, ensure your health condition is suitable for it. You may choose CBD if your purpose is kind of pain, anxiety, sleeping issues, or appetite disbalance.

  • Oil’s potency

Being a newie into cannabinoids might confuse you since you may see dozens of different CBD oils. Many brands sell various potencies and flavors, which may harden your decision to choose the right one. Use the logical ability and choose the lowest potency in the beginning. If your chosen brand has no potency options, you can still get the one it offers and start with lower doses instead of the full one.

It is good to take lower doses and slowly increase them with time. This might let you meet the effects and determine the dose your body needs to start experiencing the effects.

  • Oil’s safety

Not every brand that says its products are safe means they are really safe. You always need proof to ensure it is true. For example, trusted and reliable companies always test their products in external laboratories and later share the lab reports on their websites.

This is the “proof” you need to ensure the CBD oil you have chosen is really safe, as the seller says so. Try to avoid brands that have no proof of the product’s safety because their broad spectrum CBD products may contain synthetic ingredients or illegal THC amounts.

  • Hemp’s source

This might not be an essential criterion, but choosing brands that use domestic hemp is good. First of all, the USA has excellent weathered conditions for cultivating hemp. Secondly, the hemp farmers in the USA have a license to plant and cultivate hemp. Thirdly, the hemp farmers work under strict federal laws and regulations, cultivating 100% natural and organic hemp.

So, when you see things better, choosing a brand that uses domestic hemp might be good and clever.

  • Guarantee

Include the guarantee in your searching criteria. It is good to choose a brand giving you a “safe-play” product. Most trusted brands feel free to allow you to try the product and initiate a refund if you don’t like the chosen product or if it does not affect you.

Numerous brands have this policy, so it will be easy to make the best selection. The refund and return policies may last from 30 to 60 days, so you have enough time to receive the goods and give them a try. Choosing a brand with a satisfaction guarantee means you are not going to lose anything.

FAQ’s: CBD Oil

Q1. Why is it good to take CBD oil?

CBD consumption is good because every living creature, including us humans, has an endocannabinoid system that activates when we take a cannabinoid product. The endocannabinoid system would not activate itself, so it is good to take CBD sometimes to activate its functions.

Anyway, taking CBD oil might be beneficial if you feel stressed, upset, in pain, or have sleeping difficulties. The CBD has a lot of tiny compounds that might help you relax your body and mind, allowing you to be happier and healthier.

Q2. Why is it important to consider the CBD oil manufacturing process and hemp’s source?

Not every manufacturing and extracting process gives the same result. “Cheaper” methods and machinery may damage the hemp’s compounds and give a final product of low quality. It is tested and proven that the cold carbon dioxide extraction method gives premium CBD oil with all its terpenes and cannabinoids without damaging anything good in it.

On the other hand, choosing a brand that uses domestic hemp means you have chosen a product with a good and pure base. The domestic farmers have licensed hemp cultivators who grow hemp without spraying pesticides on it.

Q3. How and at what dosage should I take CBD oil?

You can use CBD oil directly or add it to drinks (sometimes maybe foods). Taking the oil directly under your tongue might give faster effects, while taking it through digestion may take longer.

The dose you should take depends on your previous experience. Start with half a dose of the lowest potency if you are a beginner. If you are familiar with the effects, you can choose a more potent option and take it in larger quantities.

Q4. Does CBD oil cause side effects?

CBD is not supposed to produce side effects. Pure and legal CBD oil has a too low THC content that is unable to make you high or cause some side effects. You can take CBD oil and continue with your daily activities normally.

If you have experienced side effects from CBD oil consumption, this might mean you have chosen CBD oil with bad quality and THC content in higher amounts. Anyway, you should not experience the side effects of using CBD oil. If you do, then check the oil’s ingredients.

There is one case when side effects are possible, and it is when you take too much CBD oil. The side effects are not permanent nor dangerous, and they will be gone in a short time. These side effects may include red and dry eyes, dry mouth, sleepiness, and nausea.

Conclusion: Buy CBD Oil For Pain & Inflammation

We believe your pain will fade away once you start using CBD oil. This oil has a lot of herbal benefits inside that may support your overall health and make you happier.

Choose pure CBD oil and set a few criteria when searching for it. Ensure it is highly safe and organic. Leave the unhealthy painkillers behind and start using this precious oil as a natural alternative.

Disclaimer: CBD oil can not treat or prevent diseases or illnesses. Cannabinoids might help you manage pain and some mental states, but it can not be an aid for them. Consult your doctor if you have a concerning health condition before taking CBD on your own hand.